New Directions for Agriculture in Reducing Poverty

The Department for International Development's overall aim is to reduce global poverty and promote sustainable development, in particular through achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The DFID Process

DFID Factsheets

New policy approaches for agriculture: DFID's consultation process
[Word 48Kb][PDF 350Kb]

Note: This contains a list of all planned DFID Working Papers, and outlines which DFID will adopt in preparing the new guidelines.

DFID Policy Papers

Growth and Poverty Reduction: the role of Agriculture
A DFID Policy Paper, 7 December 2005 [PDF, 301Kb]

Draft Agriculture Policy Paper - Response to the Consultation Process
DFID, October 2005 [Word 57Kb] [PDF 36Kb]

Agriculture and poverty reduction: unlocking the potential
A DFID policy paper, December 2003 [PDF, 339Kb]

Better livelihoods for poor people: the role of Agriculture
DFID, 2002 [PDF, 185Kb]

DFID Working Papers

Working Paper 1 - Agriculture, growth and poverty reduction
DFID, 2004 [PDF 236Kb]

Working Paper 2 - Making Agricultural Markets Work for the Poor
DFID, 2004 [PDF 207Kb]

Working Paper 3 - Making Rural Finance Count for the Poor
DFID, 2004 [PDF 157Kb]

Working Paper 4 - Technology and its Contribution to pro-poor Agricultural Development
DFID, 2004 [PDF 188Kb]

Working Paper 5 - Land reform, agriculture and poverty reduction
DFID, 2004 [PDF 280Kb]

Working Paper 6 - Recognising and addressing risk and vulnerability constraints to pro-poor agricultural growth
DFID, 2004 [PDF 223Kb]

Working Paper 7 - Agriculture, Hunger and Food Security
DFID, 2004 [PDF 863Kb]

Working Paper 8 - Effective policy and public expenditure reform for pro-poor agricultural development
DFID, 2004 [PDF 159Kb]

Working Paper 9 - Official Development Assistance to Agriculture
DFID, 2004 [PDF 214Kb]

Working Paper 10 - Rethinking Tropical Agricultural Commodities
DFID, 2004 [PDF 888Kb]

Working Paper 11 - Agricultural Trade and Poverty Reduction: Opportunity or Threat
DFID, 2004 [PDF, 464Kb]

Working Paper 12 - Agricultural Sustainability
DFID, 2004 [PDF, 166Kb]

Working Paper 13 - Concentration in food supply and retail chains
DFID, 2004 [PDF, 170Kb]

Working Paper 14 - Use of civil society organisations to raise the voice of the poor in agricultural policy
DFID, 2004 [PDF 197Kb]



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